June 11, 2021

Thank you for visiting! Unfortunately, I must temporarily close Slipstream to new orders. This will hopefully be no more than a few weeks. All existing orders will be processed and filled as usual.

As you may have heard on the news, small businesses are facing a huge labor shortage issue. Just yesterday, the National Federation of Independent Businesses reported that 48% of Indiana businesses currently have unfilled job openings; a record high number.

Despite ongoing efforts to find additional help, we have been unable to do so. Despite working long hours, it just is not possible to keep up with running both hovercraft businesses. Customer service has suffered as a result. Service and integrity are core principals to me that can not be compromised. As the backlog of orders grow, so to lead times and that is unacceptable. Other than the occasional break for vacation, Slipstream has ran continuously for 16 years. It is painful to take this step, but I would rather temporarily close the business than let our customers down.

Thank you for your patience through these unusual times!

Jason Kuehn
President and Founder
Slipstream Hover Technologies, LLC.