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Slipstream DRYGlide cables are the result of a lengthy research, development, and testing program designed to create the ultimate throttle cable. Freezing throttle cables are a commonly experienced (and dangerous) problem for anyone who operates their craft in the cold. Until now, there was simply no good solution on the market. We are so confident this will be the best throttle cable you ever own, we're offering a lifetime guarantee against freezing or sticking. If you ever have a problem due to a manufacturing defect, simply return your cable for a free replacement.

DRYGlide cables are also great for those who operate in humid environments or on salt and brackish waters. Other throttles use galvanized steel core cables, but our unique process allows us to use a stainless steel cable while retaining the strength advantages of dip-soldered end fittings. You will never again have to deal with a sticking, rusty throttle cable.

Additional Features:

  • Lubricant grease is specifically designed for long-life and is highly water resistant
  • Exceptional ashesive properties ensures the grease will stay in the liner
  • Low compression housing for a crisp, accurate throttle feel
  • Low-friction polymer liner ensures smooth movement
  • Super-durable plastic layer that is cold weather resistant means no cracked housing
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