Slipstream Customer Projects

Want to see your project here? Just email us with some photos, a description of the project, and how Slipstream helped you get it all done.

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Scat I Restoration and Engine Swap Stan
Rome City, Indiana
Hascon Fan, Scat HTD Drive kit, DryGlide cable, Scat full skirt kit, Lanyard kill switch, Skirt installation accessories
Scat I Restoration and Rebuild

AfterScat I Restoration and Rebuild

We are excited to see it come together. Thanks for all your help!


Modified UH-10F Build Donnie
Cleveland, Georgia
Hascon Fan, Custom HTD drive kit
Donnie's UH-10F Donnie's UH-10F

It hovers!! It was all I could do to hold back the craft!


Custom designed high school race craft Parish Hill High School
Chaplin, Connecticut
Custom HTD Drive kit, SS Shaft, Epoxical 574, 2.3oz Fiberglass cloth, Guard Saddles

Custom designed high school race craft


Hi Jason, thanks for the advice. Thought I'd share some photos of the craft with you.

**Note** This craft, and many others, was designed and built by high school students at Parish Hill under the direction of teacher Jim Benini (former HCA Hovernaut of the Year). Slipstream would like to extend a huge contgratulations to Jim and his students for continuing to amaze us year after year. Keep it up!


Custom 120+ mph turbine powered boat Larry
Sedro-Wooley, Washington
Epoxical 574
Custom 120+ mph turbine powered boat Custom 120+ mph turbine powered boat
Custom 120+ mph turbine powered boat Custom 120+ mph turbine powered boat

Here's what I've been working on with your resin: 
Next, I'll trim the edges and apply Kevlar cloth on the outside. 
I love working with your resin!


Starcruiser Mike
Colgate, WI

Hascon lift fan upgrade

Hi Jason, I got my new 26 inch lift fan installed in my 2001 StarCruiser and was able to try it out. I am amazed at how much better this Hascon fan is. At 2,800 rpm I have the same lift I had at 3,100 rpm with the wooden fan. I was considering using this fan with a larger engine but, because of the better performance of this fan, I do not need a larger engine.


Scat Dan
Montesano, WA

Rivets, P-clips, Scat one-way valves, Tiny-Tach, Lanyard Kill, Guard Saddles, Dry-Glide Throttle Cable

Hi Jason, I got your throttle cable this weekend and I just wanted to say  GOOD JOB!. I’ve never seen such a beautiful cable. Just had to let you know....Dan out. 


Hovercraft America Jared
Corona, CA

Custom skirts for heavy duty use

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we installed the 18oz skirts you made for Northwest Mosquito and Vector Control District, and had an hour long test flight this morning. The new skirts solved every problem we had experienced with our large hovercraft. The extra density, durability, and rigidity provided plenty of lift with minimal water spray, even during slow speed turning and inspection activities. Due to the success of this trial run, our District Manager has authorized funds for the order of an additional “back-up” set of skirts.
Thanks Again and Great Job


Starcruiser Mike
Adrien, MI

18oz Premium Skirt Material, HH-66 Vinyl Cement

Jason, incredible, my order arrived the next day and thank you so very much for the material to patch my rip,completely unexpected and much appreciated.  I will be ordering more very soon. Thanks again, Mike McFarland



Custom craft and Scat Philip
Koh Samui, Thailand

18oz Premium Skirt Material, HH-66 Vinyl Cement, Scat Finger Skirt set

Dear Jason,
I’m delighted to say that your replacement skirt clips have now arrived.  Your kind attention to the problem we had was almost unbelievable. I can’t thank you enough.  You and your business deserve every success.


UH-17T Tom
Verona, KY

Hascon lift fan upgrade

Suwannee River III was the first time the UH 17 was back in the water since the wood lift fan disassociation. The new 9 bladed Hascon fan worked very well. We're still trying to get a handle on the best rpm range but it's a pleasure to have such a problem. Thanks for your assistance!