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DRYGlide Main Throttle cable

PRT-DRV-1inBearingPB   1" Pillow Block Bearing with Lock Collar
PRT-HRD-1inDrainPlug   1" Screw in Hull Drain Plug
PRT-DRV-1inShaftSS   1"x12" Stainless steel shaft
HRD-SPC-0625SSCable   1/16" Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable
HRD-SPC-0625Ferrules   1/16" Zinc-Plated Copper Ferrules (25 pack)
PRT-SPC-EdgeTrim12   1/2" Edge Trim (per foot)
PRT-SPC-SkirtTrim-perft   1/4" Finger Skirt Edge Trim (per foot)
PRT-SPC-EdgeTrim18   1/8" Edge Trim (per foot)
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_10   10' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-HRD-1000GPHBILGEPUMP   1000 GPH - Cartridge Series Bilge Pump
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_11   11' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-ELT-12GangFusePanel   12 Gang Fuse Panel with Ground Bus
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_12   12' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-ENG-ACC-DRYG18ft   12' SCAT Main Throttle cable
PRT-ELT-12vDCOutlet   12v Weatherproof DC Power Outlet (Cigarette lighter style)
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_13   13' Push-Pull Control Cable (always stocked)
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_14   14' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_15   15' Push-Pull Control Cable (always stocked)
PRT-ENG-PRT-25FuelLine15   15' roll, 1/4" High Performance Clear Fuel Line (Now in BLUE!)
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_16   16' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_17   17' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_18   18' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-SKT-18ozSkirtMat   18oz Premium Skirt Material (11 different colors available!)
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_19   19' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_20   20' Push-Pull Control Cable
usedhover-2014marlin2pittman   2014 Hoverstream Marlin 2 with trailer
PRT-HRD-20FTTOWROPE   20ft. Tow Rope
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_21   21' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_22   22' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_23   23' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_24   24' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_25   24' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-HRD-25-72intelepad   25" - 72" Telescoping Paddle with Boat Hook
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_26   26' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_27   27' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_28   28' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-ENG-PRT-25FuelLine30   30' roll, 1/4" High Performance Clear Fuel Line (Now in BLUE!)
PRT-ENG-ACC-JunctionBlock   4 way Throttle cable junction block
PRT-ELT-4inPedLight   4" Pedestal Navigation Light
FRP-KEV-0500_5.00_37   5.00oz, 37 wide Kevlar cloth
PRT-ELT-6GangFusePanel   6 Gang Fuse Panel with Ground Bus
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_06   6' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-SKT-6ozSkirtMat   6oz Premium Finger Skirt Material (10 different colors available!)
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_07   7' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_08   8' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-HRD-ControlCable_09   9' Push-Pull Control Cable
PRT-ENG-ACC-DRYG9.5ftLONG   9' SCAT Main Throttle cable (SCAT w/ dual carbs, in plenum)
PRT-ENG-ACC-DRYG9.5ft   9' SCAT Main Throttle cable (SCAT w/ dual carbs, under seat)
PRT-ENG-ACC-DRYG9.5ft277Plenum   9' SCAT Main Throttle cable (SCAT w/ single carb, in plenum)
PRT-ENG-ACC-DRYG9.5ft277   9'-6" SCAT Main Throttle cable (SCAT with single carb, under seat)
PRT-SKT-AlumRivetsPeel   Aluminum, Peel Rivets for P-Clips (100 pack)
PRT-HRD-TriFoldRivets   Aluminum, Tri-Fold Rivets .040"-.625" (25 pack)
PRT-ELT-AmberStrobe   Amber strobe light for hovercraft
PRT-ENG-DIR-RotaxIntakeBoot277   Angled Carb intake boot for Rotax 277
PRT-ELT-bicolorcombolight   BI - Color Combination Light, Deck Mount
HRD-SPC-Braille23   Braille 1191 Amp Battery, 17 lb Ultra-lightweight Hovercraft Battery
HRD-SPC-Braille14   Braille 904 Amp Battery, 11.5 lb Ultra-lightweight Hovercraft Battery
FRP-APP-1inBrush   Brushes, 1" (20 pack)
FRP-APP-2inBrush   Brushes, 2" (20 pack)
FRP-APP-3inBrush   Brushes, 3" (10 pack)
PRT-ENG-DIR-RotaxIntakeBoot   Carb intake boot for Rotax 377/447/503
PRT-ELT-BowLight   Chrome Plated Bow Light
PRT-HRD-PPClampKit   Clamp and Shim kit for Push-Pull Cables
PRT-ENG-ACC-FuelFilter   Clear in-line fuel filter
PRT-ENG-ACC-Bing54   Complete Bing 54 Replacement Carburetor
PRT-DRV-FlatIdlerPulley   Composite Flat Idler Pulleys
HRD-FAN-Hascon   Custom Fit Hascon Wing Fans from only $239 delivered!
PRT-SPC-HoverstarCover   Custom fitted Hovertechnics Hoverstar hovercraft cover with 5 YEAR GUARANTEE
PRT-SPC-ScatCover12   Custom fitted SCAT Hovercraft cover with 5 YEAR GUARANTEE (12' SCAT)
PRT-SPC-ScatCover   Custom fitted SCAT Hovercraft cover with 5 YEAR GUARANTEE (9' SCAT)
PRT-SPC-ScatSeat   Deluxe Seat and Knee Cushion for SCAT Hovercraft
PRT-ENG-ACC-DRYGDualcarb   Dual Carb Throttle cable set (Bing, Mikuni, etc)
PRT-ELT-HandWarmer   Electric Handlebar Heater kit
PRT-ENG-ACC-FacetPump   Facet electric fuel pump kit
PRT-SKT-FingerPClips200   Finger Skirt Attachment P-Clips (200 bulk pack)
PRT-SKT-FingerPClips50   Finger Skirt Attachment P-Clips (50 pack)
PRT-ENG-ACC-PrimerBulb   Fuel Primer Bulb for all hovercraft
PRT-ENG-ACC-FuelValve   Fuel shut-off valve
PRT-SKT-HoverstreamSkirt   Full skirt set for Hoverstream, British Hovercraft Company, and Flying Fish hovercraft
PRT-SKT-FullHovertechnicsSet   Full Skirt set for Hovertechnics Hoverstar and Hoverjet
PRT-SKT-FullScatSetAP12   Full Skirt set for SCAT Hovercraft with anti-plow fingers (12' SCAT)
PRT-SKT-FullScatSetAP   Full Skirt set for SCAT Hovercraft with anti-plow fingers (9' SCAT)
PRT-SKT-ScatSuperSkirt   Full SuperSkirt set for SCAT Hovercraft. The highest performance, longest lasting Scat skirt on the market!
FRP-APP-2ozGcups   Graduated Plastic Mixing Cups, 2oz (25 pack)
FRP-APP-8ozGcups   Graduated Plastic Mixing Cups, 9oz (12 pack)
HRD-HAS-Bushing   Hascon Replacement Bushings
PRT-HRD-6inCleat   Heavy Duty 6" Tie-Down Cleats (matches original SCAT cleats)
PRT-SKT-8ozHH66   HH-66 Vinyl Cement for Skirts
PRT-COM-HoverComAccCable   HoverCom coiled audio accessory cable
PRT-SKT-HVTDragFlap   Hoverjet and Hoverstar rear drag flap
PRT-SKT-ScatFinger-AP   Individual SCAT Replacement Fingers - Anti-Plow "A"
PRT-SKT-ScatFinger-A   Individual SCAT Replacement Fingers - Standard "A"
PRT-SKT-ScatFinger-B   Individual SCAT Replacement Fingers - Standard "B"
PRT-SKT-ScatFinger-C   Individual SCAT Replacement Fingers - Standard "C"
PRT-ENG-ACC-InjectionPrimer   Injection primer kit
PRT-ELT-Johnson500Pump   Johnson 500GPH Cartridge Bilge Pump
PRT-ELT-LEDALLAROUNDLIGHT   LED All - Around Fold Down Rear Light
usedhover-2013Hovertrek   LIKE NEW 2013 Neoteric Hovertrek Deluxe LIKE NEW, Reverse Thrust, 65hp EFI Hirth
PRT-ENG-ACC-TinyTach2A   New style universal TinyTach with 14ft. cable for all engines
PRT-SPC-ScatDrnValve   One-Way Hull Drain Valve for SCAT
PRT-ENG-ACC-3.5x6Prefilter   Outerwear Air Prefilter 3.5"x6"
FRP-APP-6inSprdr   Plastic Spreader, 6" (12 pack)
PRT-ELT-PPIgnitionSwtch   Polypropylene Marine Keyed Ignition Switch
HRD-HAS-Blades   Precut Hascon Blades
PRT-HRD-SPC-PremGrdSadKit   Premium Guard Saddle Set (10 Pack)
PRT-HRD-SPC-PremGrdSadStrap   Premium Guard Saddle STRAP ONLY (10 Pack)
PRT-ENG-ACC-DRYGQuadcarb   Quad Carb Throttle cable set (Bing, Mikuni, etc)
PRT-ENG-ACC-QDFuelFitFemale   Quick disconnect fuel fitting (Female, Line side)
PRT-ENG-ACC-QDFuelFitMale   Quick disconnect fuel fitting (Male, Tank side)
PRT-HRD-ScatMirrors   Rear View Mirrors (Scat HP)
PRT-ENG-ACC-Bing54RebuildKit   Rebuild Kit for Bing 54 Carburetors
PRT-ENG-ACC-Mikuni3034CarbKit   Rebuild Kit for Mikuni 30-34mm Aluminum Carburetors
PRT-ENG-ACC-MikuniSORebuildKit   Rebuild Kit for Mikuni single outlet fuel pump
HRD-SPC-LanyardOnly   Replacement Lanyard Tether for Lanyard Kill Switch
PRT-ENG-DIR-RotaxPawlKit   Rotax Recoil Starter Pawl Kit
PRT-HRD-WellNuts   Rubber Well Nuts, 10-32 thread, .020-.200" grip (10 pack)
PRT-HRD-WellNuts832   Rubber Well Nuts, 8-32 thread, .020-.156" grip (10 pack)
PRT-SPC-ScatTrim12   SCAT Hovercraft Finger Skirt Edge Trim (12' SCAT)
PRT-SPC-ScatTrim9   SCAT Hovercraft Finger Skirt Edge Trim (9' SCAT)
HRD-SPC-ScatMFEngineMount   Scat Male/Female engine mount (5/16 thread)
HRD-SPC-ScatMMEngineMount   Scat Male/Male engine mount (5/16 thread)
PRT-HRD-12ScatSteerCab   SCAT Replacement Steering Cable for 12' Scat
PRT-HRD-9ScatSteerCab   SCAT Replacement Steering Cable for 9' Scat
PRT-HRD-BecksonDeckPlate   Screw-In Deck Access Plates
PRT-HRD-BecksonDeckPlate-0001   Screw-In Deck Access Plates - 4 Inch - Black - Solid
PRT-HRD-BecksonDeckPlate-0012   Screw-In Deck Access Plates - 4 Inch - White - Clear
PRT-HRD-BecksonDeckPlate-0003   Screw-In Deck Access Plates - 4 Inch - White - Solid
PRT-HRD-BecksonDeckPlate-0004   Screw-In Deck Access Plates - 6 Inch - Black - Solid
PRT-HRD-BecksonDeckPlate-0015   Screw-In Deck Access Plates - 6 Inch - White - Clear
PRT-HRD-BecksonDeckPlate-0006   Screw-In Deck Access Plates - 6 Inch - White - Solid
PRT-HRD-BecksonDeckPlate-0018   Screw-In Deck Access Plates - 8 Inch - White - Clear
PRT-HRD-BecksonDeckPlate-0009   Screw-In Deck Access Plates - 8 Inch - White - Solid
PRT-SKT-SkirtClips   Skirt clips for SCAT finger skirt rails (pkg. of 100)
PRT-SKT-ZipTies100   Skirt Zip Ties (100 pack)
PRT-COM-HoverCom2   Slipstream HoverCom - Hovercraft headset communications kit for two
PRT-ELT-AllAroundLight   Stainless All Around Navigation Light (Hovertechnics mast light replacement)
PRT-ELT-BowLightScat   Stainless Round Bow Light (SCAT direct replacement)
PRT-HRD-BowEye   Stainless Steel Bow Eye (Tow Hook)
PRT-HRD-PPBallJoint   Stainless, Quick-Disconnect Ball Joint End for Steering cables
PRT-SPC-StarshipSkirt   Starship TX500 Full Skirt Set
test   test
PRT-HRD-BilgeThruHullOutlet   Through-hull Stainless Finish Bilge Outlet
PRT-ENG-ACC-DRYGTripcarb   Triple Carb Throttle cable set (Bing, Mikuni, etc)
PRT-HRD-TwistThrottle   Twist grip throttle kit with grips
HRD-SPC-LanyardKill   Universal Lanyard Kill Switch
usedhover-90Scat2yellow   UPGRADED Used 503 Scat 2 HP, WITH ALUMINUM TRAILER
PRT-ELT-2StrokeVoltageReg   Voltage Regulator for 2 Strokes
PRT-ENG-ACC-BingAirFilter   Washable air filter for Bing Carburetors
PRT-ENG-ACC-MikuniAirFilter2   Washable air filter for Mikuni Carburetors

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