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Does HH-66 glue work on finger skirts?
It depends on the skirt. The HH-66 glue is only for the vinyl (PVC) coated nylon material typically used with bag skirts. Most finger skirts can not be glued. However, some of our fingers like Scat Su
I have X model hovercraft and need finger skirts for it. Can you make them?
YES! We custom make finger skirts all the time for all kinds of different machines. We've even custom made skirts for large craft using 18oz nylon! Contact us and we can give you an estimate. customer
What skirts do I need for my Scat?
Choosing the proper skirts for you Scat is easy. There are only two options, a 9 foot long hull and a 12 foot long hull. The 12 foot long hulls are much less common and look enormous compared to the 9