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I want to buy a fan for X engine, but eventually will upgrade to Y engine. Can I reuse the same fan?
Last Updated: 01/24/2020
Most likely, yes, you can use the same fan. All Hascon fans we sell have a fully adjustable blade pitch system that can be easily changed by the customer. If you do plan to change engines, just contact us with the new engine specs and we can tell you if it will work and, if so, exactly what the new blade pitch needs to be.

Things you can do:
1. Change blade pitch to match new operating RPMs or power levels.
2. Change bushing size for new shaft diameters.
3. Trim blades to reduce overall diameter (call us for tips on how to properly do this).
4. Replace blades to increase overall diameter.
5. Convert flange mount to shaft mount and vice versa (you will usually have to purchase additional components to do this).
6. Add or remove blades (for example, you have 6 blades in a 9 blade hub and you need to upgrade to 9 blades or downgrade to 3).

Things you can NOT do:
1. Change rotation direction without changing blades (this generally only happens when converting between gearbox drive and belt drive).
2. Interchange parts with other fan manufacturers (like put MultiWing blades in a Hascon hub).

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