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How do I choose the proper Hascon fan for my application?
Last Updated: 01/20/2011
The short answer to this question is to simply call us! One of the benefits of ordering a fan through Slipstream is the unlimited tech support you'll get. No matter what kind of setup you have, chances are we've sold fans for it. Using both our fan design software and field test experience, we can recommend a fan that will be perfect for your situation. We can usually get this done during a 5 minute phone call.

Information we need for any fan order:
1. Fan diameter
2. Fan rotation speed
3. Make, Horsepower, and operating RPM of engine
4. Rotation direction (generally counter-clockwise when fan is blowing at you unless driven by a gearbox)
5. Mounting type (flange bolt pattern or shaft size)
6. Fan purpose (lift only, thrust only, or integrated)

If you do wish to order online, here are some recommendations for common setups:
1. For SCAT hovercraft, 99% of the time you will want a 6 blade fan with a 9 blade hub. We will need to know the engine type and drive type (belt or gearbox) in order to pitch the blades correctly.
2. For lift fans on UH style craft, the majority will use a 5 blade model. The exception is on large machines like the 18SP which can use up to 9 blades depending on craft configuration.
3. For entry level craft (UH-10F and F15 race variants), you will need a 5 blade model for lift or integrated setups or a 3 blade model on straight thrust applications.
4. For SEVTEC craft, the fan will vary by model, power, and reduction ratio.  5 blades, 6 blades, and 9 blades are all common.

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